Social Responsibility

We care about the world around us.

In addition to trying to do our job as best as we can, we want to be useful in other ways as well. Since we are doing well, we feel obliged to engage in voluntary activities beyond our responsibilities and thus contribute to a better society. As part of our social responsibility, we support several types of projects. The first group consists of professional projects that are related to the area of our operation, information technologies. The second area consists of projects of various types that are not directly related to the subject of our activity. These are, for example, charitable projects or projects in the field of culture. Among other things, we have our own civic association SOFTEC PRO SOCIETY.

Softec is a member of:

  • IT Association of Slovakia
  • Slovak Society for Computer Science
  • Society for Project Management
  • Slovak – Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • Partnerships for Prosperity (PPP) civic association

Civic association SOFTEC PRO SOCIETY

The civic association SOFTEC PRO SOCIETY was founded by the representatives of the company in 2006. It is a non-political, non-profit and voluntary association of citizens and legal entities, which aims to bring together IT professionals with an interest in the development of this branch and with social awareness.

The aim of the association is to develop education and knowledge in the field of informatics and to assist in the practical application of new informatics knowledge in practice. One of the goals of association is also the support of social, cultural, sporting and educational activities.

Our activities:

  • we organize professional events such as conferences, congresses, seminars, etc., which aim to exchange the knowledge and meet the experts in the field,
  • we support the publishing activities of our members as well as non-members,
  • we provide scholarships and other contributions to university and high school students in order to support their activities and education, especially in the field of informatics,
  • we support individuals and organizations financially and in kind,
  • we coordinate the activities of our members and facilitate their mutual communication, as well as communication with other organizations, public and state administration and professional institutions.