The product provides banks with a comprehensive solution for the life cycle of execution proceedings (request for co-operation, writs of execution, course of execution) and supports automated processing as well as electronic communication.


The main benefits of SEDi

It addresses the legislative requirements of the execution regulations and the eGovernment act

It relieves employees from manual work and reduces errors

It reduces the operational risk in the processing of execution cooperation requests and writs of execution

Who is the product intended for?

• Slovak banks
• Branches of foreign banks in Slovakia

Problem: Risk of human error in manual processing of the execution agenda.

Electronic communication for execution cooperation requests and writs of execution is mandatory for banks from 1.8.2016.
Similarly, as of 1.7.2017, electronic communication of banks with notaries and with the Social Insurance Agency is mandatory. Additional public authorities (Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, Justice Treasury, Courts) are gradually being involved in electronic communication, with the number of requests constantly increasing. Handling this agenda manually or simply by using basic integration implies significant costs for the bank’s human resources, and also presents the risk of late or inaccurate handling of the request or the risk of failure to deal with the request. This can lead to court litigation with the public authorities or clients. Significant financial penalties may result from this for the bank.

Solution: Automated processing of execution proceedings and cooperation requests.

The SEDi (Softec Electronic Distraints) solution fully automates the electronic communication of the bank with public authorities. It communicates through a legally defined online interface. It maximises automation of the execution agenda, controls the processing, and provides central evidence of execution proceedings. Up to 99% of the cooperation requests are handled with no human intervention (depending on the size of the bank). The managed processing of both cooperation requests and writs of execution ensures that all requirements are met in a timely and risk-free manner.

Product description

SEDi offers:

• Processing of all types of cooperation requests and warrants from all public authorities involved in electronic communication, including bailiffs, notaries, the Social Insurance Agency, the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, the Justice Treasury and the Courts.
Automated verification of liable persons (debtors) and repeated verification of debtors.
Generation and sending of responses to cooperation requests for authorising officers through a legally defined online interface.
Records of execution proceedings – orders, receivables, debtors and beneficiaries, blocking of accounts, payments, funds in transit accounts, consents to release the amount not subject to execution.
Automated processing of writs, including blocking accounts of debtors and making payments.
Recalculation of receivables by interest and changes in blocked amounts carried out on a daily basis.
Automated monitoring processes – credit monitoring, including payments and bankruptcies.
Manual processing support for writs of execution, non-standard requests for cooperation, instances of ambiguous evaluation of debtors and error states.
User-controlled and configurable communication.
Highly optimised data exchange through an online interface.
Support for multiple versions of certificates and private keys at the same time.
Records and automated creation of authorising officers.

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