STRADA allows the legal representatives to delegate communication via electronic mailbox to appointed employees of the organisation. It thus allows companies to automate communication with public authorities, for example, to automatically download, check and save received messages, and distribute them to particular departments.


The main benefits of STRADA

Saving time for legal representatives of the organisation

Distribution of messages according to the company's internal processes

Regular checking of the electronic mailbox and automatic message processing

Obtaining a time stamp, verifying and obtaining the content of the signed forms and attachments

Who is the product intended for?

• Banks
• Telecommunications operators
• Public institutions
• Legal entities with multi-level organisational structure

A problem: Complicated access to received messages from state and public administration.

After the introduction of electronisation and exclusive communication with the state and public administration via the electronic mailbox, several problems occurred. Access to mailboxes is only for legal representatives and they must use their own electronic ID cards when signing in. Moreover, securing the access of another authorised person is problematic and in case of subsidiaries, it is necessary to obtain a number of authorisations from managing directors.

Solution: Mailbox access management is the responsibility of the company and messages are automatically distributed to particular employees.

STRADA downloads messages from the mailboxes via the certified interface of the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services. Downloaded messages can be made available to any authorised person (for example, filing office employees), who can distribute messages by email to business owners. The sent email contains the link to the form and attachments of the message. Additionally, automatic forwarding can be set based on defined criteria (a keyword in the content of the message). STRADA thus ensures safe message distribution, administration and access in a simple and fast way. The client has a perfect overview of all messages and eliminates the risk of failure to collect a message.

Product description

STRADA offers:

Administration of electronic mailboxes – possible for multiple mailboxes through the UI of the application.
Downloading of new email messages from mailbox – the process is automatic, but it can also be run manually. The process also includes checking of the type, version and form definition.
Integration with ICAI Integrator of First Certification Authority) to obtain a time stamp for a received message, and to verify and obtain the content of the signed forms and attachments.
Distribution of messages received by filing office employees via email to the end processors.
Removing downloaded messages from the electronic mailbox – automated process.
Definition of forms – automatic downloading of new forms from the page, or manual entry through the application’s UI using the form definition files downloaded from the central government page (ÚPVS).
Updating of messages with undefined form – automatic process started after having defined a new form.
Searching in messages.
• Integration with a company’s antivirus to verify received messages.
• Sorting of displayed mail by user department.
• Functionality for a simple filing office to support paper documents.
• Option to send messages and confirm receipts.
• Saving of messages to database (or to DMS) and deleting messages from mailbox.

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