News05 Feb 2024

SOFTEC is the first to provide qualified signature at speed and low costs remotely, on-premise, anywhere – without any conditions, previous arrangements, onsite visits, special hardware or other complications

SOFTEC, a consulting and technology company, announced today that it has created a unique solution enabling companies and their clients to sign contracts with the highest possible legal acceptance at speed and at low cost, through the client’s qualified electronic signature with a qualified electronic timestamp. The solution is fully compliant with the latest EU legislation (eIDAS) and very user-friendly. The uniqueness is based on the fact that the qualified signature can be performed without prior preparation, without the need for clients to visit the branch and without other restrictive or procedurally demanding conditions, as is common when using a qualified signature. It does not require any special hardware, any additional passwords or actions. It leverages the current possibilities offered by facial biometrics along with identity documents, or various smart keys. The solution enables to keep the written form of the concluded agreement, while ensuring the identification of the signing client. According to the available information, SOFTEC is the first company in the Central European region with such a solution.

The solution is based on the proven contracting platform NFINITY, a SaaS service for identity verification and signing contracts online, which is intended for banks, mobile operators, insurance companies, but also real estate companies, brokers or network service providers.  

Libor David, Digital Architect at SOFTEC, adds: „Thanks to this universal solution, which is accepted across the EU and uses local possibilities, we can convert any business conversation between our customers and their clients into a legally binding written agreement, regardless of whether the conversation takes place in person or remotely. Our solution is economically attractive and, moreover, the implementation takes a maximum of a few weeks.“   

After issuing a one-time certificate for the client, the solution can be used wherever the EU eIDAS regulation applies, which concerns secure electronic communication between companies, citizens and public authorities throughout the European Union. It works as a so-called online notary, which means that it records the entire sales process. 

The qualified elecronic signature with qualified electronic timestamp represents the highest level of electronic signature and is still only minimally used by the public (entrepreneurs use it, for example, when filing tax returns). SOFTEC solution may reverse this trend. A slightly lower level has the so-called advanced electronic signature, used by roughly a third of users and which also enables to keep the written form of the concluded agreement. Within SOFTEC solution, the advanced signature can be used in all cases where a slightly lower level of verification is sufficient and companies are interested in keeping costs as low as possible. The basic level of signature in digital environment is a simple signature, or simply „an electronic signature“.  


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News12. December 2023

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SOFTEC further strengthens the leadership team. The group’s new CMO is Marek Gešo

SOFTEC, one of the leading providers of consulting and technology services in Central Europe, today announced appointment of Marek Gešo as the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Marek Gešo (48) is joining from Accenture, where he successfully led the Marketing & Communications (M&C) function for seven countries in the Central and Eastern European region and acted as a member of European M&C Leadership team. His SOFTEC mission will focus on reinforcing the brand reputation as the preffered provider of technology services and solutions for the leading companies and government organizations in the CEE region, as well as boosting the attractive employer brand for the technology enthusiasts.

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Softec strengthens on two fronts. Alexander Paál becomes the director of Softec CZ, Šimon Skrak will manage telecommunications.

Today Softec, a major consulting and software group, announced an important personnel reinforcement in its top management. Alexander Paál and Šimon Skrak will be its new members. Paál will lead the Czech branch in Prague, while Skrak will cover the development of the telecommunications segment in both countries. Both bring a wealth of experience in technology, consulting and digital transformation to the company.

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