Be part of our communities and use the power of collaboration and inspiration. Our people are the driving force behind the technology revolution.


SOFTEC communities create space for people:

  • Implement ideas in the field of technology and methodology development
  • Share experience across the company
  • Successfully introduce these ideas into the life and operation of the company

Thanks to the people and communities, we have our finger on the pulse of what's going on and topics like DevOps, Cloud, Microservice or Agile have already been proven in the Early Adopter phases. When they become mainstream, we already have valuable experience that increases our competitiveness.


  • Containerization and OpenShift

    Members of the DevOps community are big fans of automation. With the advent of containers and technologies like Docker, they saw the potential of these in the future, and with their enthusiasm and efforts, they put orchestration platforms like DC/OS or now Openshift into operation. Thanks to this, they managed to streamline internal as well as operational platforms of clients.

  • FutureIT

    Enthusiasm for modern approaches to IT sometimes runs into real use. Therefore, the community of architects felt the need to name the principles for modern but long-term sustainable IT, which we have named FutureIT. Future IT is built on 4 pillars of a decentralized microservice application architecture, which requires automation and a DevOps mindset, a cloud-native platform for running applications and an agile SW delivery management approach focused on added value.

  • IS and Cloud-Native architectures at MatFyz

    Sometimes it is easy to talk in an internal community enthusiastically about modern architectures and what they could bring. However, raising this debate to an academic level and presenting one's opinions in an external environment requires real and grounded experience. We are proud that we have succeeded in this regard and thus helped enhance the quality of education at the university.

"Communities allow us to cross boundaries of division and build strong relationships that help us deliver outstanding results. Together we are stronger and together we shape the future of technology."

Miro VladárHead of Software Delivery Competence Center

"The testing community I lead is not just about sharing professional knowledge, experience and challenges. For me, testing is more than just a profession; it's a way of life that helps find quality in all aspects of our lives."

Martina KádiováTester

"The space I have used to create a sustainable FutureIT has given me the opportunity to develop a comprehensive overview of modern approaches and technologies."

Peter GrecSoftware Architect


Professional communities

15 professional communities working on technical and methodological topics


Communities organize more than 70 internal company presentations per year.

Ideas and experience

Every year, we spend 5,000 man-days implementing ideas and sharing experience.


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