NFINITY Contracting Platform

NFINITY Contracting Platform offers set of cloud-based eIDAS-compliant services for full legal lifecycle support for natively digital PDF-less businesses, designed especially to fulfill tough legal and security requirements of modern banking, insurance and telco industry. It is an excellent platform for any company that needs to negotiate contracts with number of retail and business customers. 

NFINITY Contracting Platform offers the following services: 

  • Client Identity Verification 
  • Client Consent Recording 
  • Document Certification and Upload 
  • Summary Electronic Signing
  • Digital Contract Viewing

NFINITY Contracting Platform uses facial biometry or existing mobile-token based applications to authorize document signature and identity verification.  

Our biometric services are best in class worldwide and regularly benchmarked by the highest standards of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The AI-driven NFINITY engine combines advanced ID verification, Antifraud, Face Recognition and Liveness Detection into a user-friendly process.  

Our electronic contract signature process is fully eIDAS compliant and has been certified for the level of Advanced Electronic Signature+ (AES+). It includes bulk signature functionality (signature of several documents by one client signature) and recording of certified audit log with key sales events. It provides an unprecedented legal strength in a potential legal proceeding. 

NFINITY Contracting Platform offers possibility of introducing completely new business models of customer acquisition and service in all channels while provides significant simplification and cost reduction of the existing models. The customer acquisition and service have never been easier or smoother. 

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