15th annual conference SOFTECON marked among others by artificial intelligence and future of banking services

13. March 2017

Bratislava/Prague, 13 March 2017 – Artificial intelligence, autonomous machines as well as future of banking services. These are just some of the topics of the 15th SOFTECON conference organized by the company Softec on Thursday March 2nd at the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Like previously, Peter Morávek, Executive Director, opened the event, then the Dean of the Faculty prof. Mária Bieliková took the welcome word and acknowledged that the conference was again held at the academic campus of the university.

The conference was attended by almost 170 guests from the professional community but also from business and students. The 15th anniversary conference offered a rich program covering the areas of business, marketing, technology and trends for the coming period. With the audience, the topic of Ján Lunter – Implementation of deep learning into practice resonated the most. During the presentation, he introduced to the attendees the results of the use of deep learning in the areas of image recognition and generation, automatic translations, speech recognition, navigation either of cars or drones. On the other hand, Miroslav Vladár from Softec outlined the vision about what the banking services would look like if marketing experts were present at their very origins. He also pointed out that the interconnection of banking services and e.g. social networks will be more than just a paper idea after January 2018. Tomáš Peterka from ČMSS presented the dilemmas faced by marketing experts while working with BigData. Other topics have revealed what to avoid when placing an online product on the market, what is the impact of neural networks on real problems and if a smartphone will be sufficient for the mechanics to find a failure.

The guests also learned from Martin Krupa from UI42 that the history of information technology took place in Slovakia too, so it is no surprise that today it belongs to the IT powers. Last lecture by Peter Polák highlighted the way businesses will have to change the access to young people if they want to attract their attention. SOFTECON confirmed by this year’s event that after 15 years it has matured in its own way and is ready to move on.