A new version of the RaiPay payment application for Raiffeisen Bank International was created in Slovakia by Softec and RPC.

04. February 2021

Bratislava, February 4, 2021 – RPC, in cooperation with Softec, has launched a new version of the RaiPay application for Raiffeisen Bank International Group. The app originated in Slovakia in the company RPC, the group’s innovation hub for payment services. 

RaiPay is similar to services Google or Apple Pay. Yet it provides Raiffeisen Group customers with greater visibility and more services, such as instant peer-to-peer between cards, detailed transaction history, tracking of balance and payment limits on all cards, detailed overview of each transaction, or biometric confirmation of online payments. The new version of the application is already used by customers in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and should gradually be available to other Raiffeisen Group banks.

RPC established more than 20 years ago, as a division of the Slovak Tatra Banka, administers card services for the entire RBI Group. In 2009, the company became independent (RBI gained 100% control) to centralize the card service and achieve higher efficiency and competitiveness. RPC currently employees 200 people and processes almost a billion transactions annually.