ČSOB Poisťovna clients can get life insurance from the comfort of their home. The Spirit online insurance in the B2C portal was implemented by Softec and is being launched these days.

16. December 2020

Bratislava, December 16, 2020 – ČSOB Poisťovňa has extended their online insurance offer by the new risk life insurance Spirit. Thanks to a new, modern solution, clients can take out risk life insurance on a computer or mobile device without the need for a physical visit to the insurance company. The technology company Softec stands behind the expansion of the offer by the Spirit product in the B2C portal web application. In the time of pandemic, ČSOB Poisťovňa thus meets the needs of its clients and at the same time increases the prevention of its employees.

Since December, thanks to the cooperation with Softec, a modern responsive web application has been available, which allows clients to conclude risk life insurance contracts also on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). In addition to bringing greater efficiency to clients in terms of time investment, this solution also reduces physical contact with employees and at the same time saves capacity in branches as well as in the call centre.

The client is guided in the entire process of taking out insurance in three steps from entering the initial information needed to calculate the premium to the payment. Like other ČSOB digital insurance products in the B2C portal, Spirit is also ready for integration into the ČSOB mobile application.

Spirit is groundbreaking in that it is operated within the B2C portal – i.e. the client can conclude the contract herself/himself in the comfort of her/his home, similar to e.g. third party liability insurance for her/his car. Taking out risk life insurance in this way is an innovative approach and ČSOB Poisťovňa is one of the first Slovak insurance companies to decide to follow this path. It thus creates an interesting alternative for its clients to the traditional approach of negotiating through an agent, call centre or branch, “ adds  Peter Varga, Director of Insurance and Brokerage Division at Softec.

It is still true that having the right insurance is not yet taken for granted. At ČSOB, we are convinced that its maximum availability, online via the web, without the need to go anywhere in person, is a basic precondition for this to change. When setting up the product, we also placed great emphasis on its simplicity and comprehensibility, so taking it out is not conditioned by any questions about the health status.  Clients can take out this risk life insurance for a few days or for a long time, while the insurance covers accidents, recreational sports and intervention of the Mountain Rescue Service. It is aimed for children as well as adults, “ explained Peter Ripka, Director of Product Marketing Division at ČSOB Poisťovňa.

Clients will be able to take out their risk life insurance online:

  • Insurance can be arranged for both a child and an adult up to 60 years of age, who is the insured and also the policyholder.
  • It is possible to take out short-term insurance for a number of days, but also long-term insurance.
  • Life and accident risks are offered without any health risk assessment and in order to simplify the client’s choice offered in the form of clear packages with a clearly marked sum insured and calculated premium according to the period of insurance.
  • Assistance services covering, for example, the risk of intervention by the Mountain Rescue Service.
  • The client has the option of simple payment via a payment gateway or QR code.

The portal is available on website https://csob.sk/zivotne-poistenie-spirit-online/.

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