PARTNERS GROUP SK, as the first financial intermediary, enables verification of client’s identity through facial biometrics.

14. January 2021

Bratislava, January 11, 2021 – PARTNERS GROUP SK (PGSK) has launched a remote identity verification service for its clients, which allows them to use the services of a financial intermediary from the comfort of their home or abroad. The cloud identity verification service using facial biometrics is operated for PGSK by SOFTEC.

The current limitations and the related trend of full transition to digital space call for stronger methods for verifying the identity of the client than verification by means of a video call, where the client has proven her/his identity with her/his identity document on camera. The new solution from Softec offers the possibility of reliable verification of identity through facial biometrics by the client herself/himself using a smartphone and two documents: a valid ID card and a second document, e.g. driving license, health insurance card or passport.

„Our cloud identity verification service provides automatic reading and transcription of data from the identity card, face identification on the image (identity card and selfie), detection of the client’s liveliness, as well as evaluation of biometric matching of faces obtained in the verification process, “ specifies  Peter Varga, Director of Insurance and Brokerage Division at Softec. „ The use of facial biometrics is very intuitive. Clients can easily verify their identity using their smartphones or tablets,“ adds Varga.

Facial biometrics is a technology used in sectors in which reliable identity verification and security of provided services are necessary. It uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to identify specific human features.

„Facial biometrics open up new possibilities for cooperation for our co-workers and clients. If the client does not have time to visit her/his financial intermediary, or travels and needs to resolve financial issues remotely, facial biometrics will significantly simplify the whole process of providing services. The identity is verified when logging in via the web application, scanning the identity documents and consecutively recognising the face. The intermediary thus identifies the client remotely and solves all the issues with her/him in real time. At the same time, all legal requirements, protection of personal data and identity are maintained,“ explains Juraj Juras, Chief Executive Officer at PARTNERS GROUP SK.

In Slovakia, facial biometrics are used by some large banks or mobile operators, but it is a novelty in the area of financial intermediation.

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