Radosť (translated to English as Joy) is the first operator to use facial biometrics. For your SIM card you do not have to go anywhere.

19. October 2020

Since the end of September, the digital operator Radosť (Joy) has been on the Slovak telecommunications market. Ordering the service, activating the SIM card and paying for the services, as well as customer care, take place 100% digitally via a mobile application available for both iOS and Android. An interesting feature is the ordering of the service itself, for which you only need to scan both sides of the ID card via the mobile application. Whether the service was actually ordered by the customer with the scanned ID card is verified by the application through a simple, fast and secure process, through the so-called facial biometrics, which compares the customer’s selfie with the photo from his/her identification document.

“Facial biometrics is a modern and innovative technological solution that Radosť (Joy) uses as the first operator in Slovakia. Thanks to advanced methods of artificial intelligence, we can analyse the appearance of the customer’s face and verify his/her identity. By checking the liveness through the movement of the eyes towards the camera system, we can consecutively verify whether the service is really ordered by a “living person”, and thus it is not just a photograph. The SIM card will then come to your mailbox within 2 working days,” says Radosť for the Media.

Technology that will enable remote customer identification must meet strict security criteria while providing the customer with the best possible user experience. The technological solution of the Slovak company Innovatrics is one of the most accurate in the world in this respect. Facial biometrics were supplied to the Radosť application by Softec.

“During 4 months of cooperation with Softec, we were able to create an effective, simple and secure way of registering the customer with verification of his/her identity, which we consider a great success. In addition, it will also save you the time you would spend visiting a branch with traditional operators. It is a great joy for us that Radosť (Joy) is the first operator to use this digital way of ordering and activating the service,” says Radosť (Joy).

“We are delighted to be a part of a unique project, in which we managed in record time to enable Radosť (Joy) to reach any customer using a simple application. We were pleased with the client’s desire to go for cutting-edge technologies with new approaches. The entire solution is deployed in the cloud and meets the highest requirements for client security. Congratulations to Radosť (Joy) that they have become the first operator that can fully serve the client purely digitally and that this was also thanks to us, “adds Roman Krška, senior manager of Softec.

You can find more information about Radosť (Joy) at: https://www.radost.digital/ or in the app available on Google Play and in the App Store.