Softec achieved the highest consolidated sales in history. Two new directors appointed to the management – for the Czech Republic and the telecommunications sector.

09. March 2017

Bratislava/Prague, 9 March 2017 – Softec announced today that it has achieved the highest consolidated sales in its history last year. For the first time, it exceeded € 20 million (specifically 20.6), representing a year-on-year increase of more than 18%. In particular, new inland and foreign projects in the field of insurance, banking and financial advisory (e.g. biometric signatures) paved the success. The employees’ number increased to 300 last year. In addition, they announce two important personnel changes – Pavel Doležal becomes the new director for the Czech Republic, telecommunications group will be led by Stanislav Marosz.

The increase in turnover was significant in the last year particularly in insurance and financial consulting, where Softec’s customers are private inland and international companies. Territorially these were the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as near foreign countries. In services for the public sector, the group maintained the level of turnover from the previous year. The results, in this way confirmed its position as an important provider of software solutions and consulting services also in 2016. In its projects, the company emphasized the optimization of processes, solutions being innovative and the benefits for clients.

 Peter Morávek, Executive Director of the group: „The priority for the next period will remain the help to our customers in digital transformation, particularly through our innovative solutions, as well as transferring our experience and solutions to the Czech and Austrian financial sectors, which will face a number of regulations in form of EU directives PSD2, IDD or GDPR. Together with that I expect a further growth of our company.“

The group had 300 employees at the end of last year and worked in 4 cities: Bratislava, Prague, Žilina and Prievidza. Its solutions and services are now used by clients in 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Among the most important customers at the moment are the VIG group, Generali, Raiffeisen, Orange or KBC.

In addition, there are two important personnel changes. The new director for the Czech Republic became Pavel Doležal, who worked for 13 years in leading technology and financial companies (e.g. Komerční banka). His role will be to strengthen the Softec brand on the Czech market. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of VŠB in Ostrava, Department of Finance. His hobbies include mainly cycling, where he also holds the post of a referee. On the other hand, Stanislav Marosz, the new director of the telecommunication systems division, worked for 11 years before starting at Softec for financial and advisory business (Accenture).He is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava, Department of Physics-Management.


It is an important consulting and software company, whose services are used by clients in nine countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In particular those concerned are: IT consulting, analysis, design and development of complex IT solutions, system integration or outsourcing. Its key customers include major banks, insurance companies, public administration institutions and telecom companies. In 2015, it won two major awards for e-services projects for citizens – the main Prize of Radio Slovakia for the most beneficial IT project in state administration and the ITAPA Award for the third place in the New Services category. At present, it has 300 employees in Slovakia and Czech Republic. More at

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