Softec became a technology partner of the company Bankovní identita (Banking identity)

22. April 2021

Prague, April 21, 2021 – Today, the software company Softec has become one of the technological partners of the recently established company Bankovní identita a.s., in which the Czech banks are associated that are interested in providing their customers with the so-called BankID service (i.e. electronic identification of natural persons).

The company has long been involved in the field of digital identity, both in the field of identity verification as well as electronic signature, across various channels.

„BankID will suitably supplement and extend the verification and signature methods we offer to our clients and their customers,“ adds Jozef Trojánek, a banking expert at Softec.

The group’s solutions and services are now used by clients in nine countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The most important groups include VIG, Raiffeisen, Generali, KBC and Orange.

The company Bankovní identita provides the BankID service, i.e. the service of electronic identification of individuals with a wide range of uses such as login, verification, signing or for example submitting of KYC data. More at

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