Softec became the key IT partner of Nexteria Leadership Academy for the following year. The company also launched its own academy.

10. October 2016

Bratislava, 10 October 2016 – The company Softec has become the key IT partner of Nexteria Leadership Academy, which is an intensive development programme besides university studies, preparing the best students from Slovakia for a career as future leaders in various fields of activity. In addition to this, they have launched their own academy which should provide them with new IT experts which the Czech-Slovak market desperately are lacking.

Nexteria Leadership Academy, is supported by the non-profit association Manageria, and operates in a similar way to school – for the particular activities (courses, discussions, projects) the student receives points and the studies are concluded by a graduation. The activities run approximately twice a week in the evenings or on the weekends. Its advantage is that it teaches critical thinking, creativity and values. That is also thanks to personalities who devote their time to students: for example namely Andrej Kiska, President of the Slovak Republic, Rasťo Kulich, Country Manager at Google Slovakia or Michal Meško, the owner of the publishing house

Ľuboš Korbaš, HR manager of Softec Group: „For us it is a great acknowledgement of our long-term work devoted to university students. For two years we have been in contact with Nexteria themselves, therefore we were very pleased as they themselves have chosen us as a partner based on their own experience from the Night of Chances in which we participate every year. Of course, this is a commitment for us not to let them down and to regain the partnership for the next year.”

For Softec, it means that they will be able to involve the chosen students in their own projects at least till June 2017. This will concern first of all, students of the Faculty of Management as well as the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava, and Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. One of the first activities will be an autumn workshop for approximately 12 students oriented to frontend and UX in banking. The output will be a prototype of a specific SW solution.

In addition to this, Softec Developer Academy has also been launched and already started with the first workshop called WayToFrontend (WTF). It is aimed for the students in the 3rd – 5th years of information oriented departments or graduates with no more than 3-year experience. They will get acquainted here with trends, experience interactive presentations of leading experts of the company, hear stories of employees who were only recently in their shoes. The aim is to attract young people who would like to learn new things and are interested in frontends at the same time. The workshop is the first step towards the academy My WayToFrontend. The proper candidates will then have the opportunity to learn new technologies under the supervision of senior developers and gradually to be involved in important projects of the company. The academy is supposed to last till the end of the year. More information at:

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