Softec plans to invest 10% of its revenue in innovations – especially in the digitization of the financial sector, BigData and Artificial Intelligence.

10. May 2018

Bratislava / Prague, May 10, 2018 – Softec plans to spend 10% of its net revenues annually on innovation. The target is set to reach by 2020. This year, it has raised funds for specific innovation intentions by half a million euros. Additional funds are designed to develop and validate new employee ideas within the divisions.

The company considers this investment as an important part of the strategic innovation support that will enable the development of ideas across the organization and organically integrate innovations into the product and service portfolio. At this moment, a list of projects that will be supported in this way is being created.

David Šefčík, Director of Innovation, says: “We are trying to promote innovative culture in different areas of our business so that employees have the opportunity to develop and validate their ideas. We will focus on selected key areas such as digitization of the financial sector, Big Data, data analytics, or artificial intelligence, with some of the funds being also devoted to wages for new colleagues who will innovate intensively.

Softec plans to release these investments gradually as needed. The strategy also includes targeting products and services to integrate third party innovations, i.e. partners, start-ups and universities. As D. Šefčík argues, innovation is perceived by the company not only as an opportunity to improve products and services, but also as an important motivating factor for current and future employees.


It is a leading consultancy-software company whose services are used by clients in nine countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In particular, it provides advice on information systems, analysis, design and development of complex IT solutions and system integration. Key customers include major banks, insurance companies, public administration institutions and telecommunication companies. In 2017, Softec won the Diamond Business Award and ranked 3rd in the category of the best healthy growing company in the Bratislava region. It currently has 350 employees in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. More at

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