Statement on the situation in Ukraine

25. February 2022

The company SOFTEC rejects any act of aggression or violation of international agreements. In connection with the aggression of the Russian Federation, we express our full support to all the citizens of Ukraine.

Especially to our colleagues in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, as well as to those colleagues from Ukraine who work for us in Slovakia. We are ready to help them cope with these challenging times as well as to help their families to move and adapt in Slovakia successfully if necessary.

We are also ready to support and facilitate the arrival of other people from Ukraine and help them find employment in the IT sector, as well as to support their families in adapting to Slovakia.

We have also decided, through the non-profit organization People in Need (Človek v ohrození) to make an immediate financial contribution to mitigate the effects of the aggression on Ukrainian citizens who are affected by the war or fleeing it.

We recognize that this situation is a challenge for all of us to keep developing our relationships based on humanity, respect and responsibility to each other.

In these difficult times, we stand behind Ukraine and all its citizens.