Featured projects

Insurance Information System

The Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is an international insurance group listed on the stock exchange and headquartered in Vienna. It is one of the largest players in the insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe. In recent years, it has achieved significant increases in market shares, volume of insurance contracts and profitability of its branches. Behind this success there is not only a well-thought-out business strategy, but also consistent cost and investment management. Read more

Support for automatic debt recovery

Tatra banka has decided to automate the process of debt risk monitoring as much as possible. The Collections Software integration project automates the debt recovery process for retail products. The integration of the systems concerned was achieved by creating a software Middle Layer. Read more

Deployment of electronic processing of loan applications

The business model of home loan and savings associations is different from the business model of standard banks, and their sales process has its own specifics. The deployment of electronic processing for Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa has been the subject of the DEUS project. Read more

Business space for loans and an early binding offer

Already at the first branch visit, the client receives a relevant loan offer - this was the main idea of the LoanEE project. Its result was the creation of a sales tool for the branches of Tatra banka enabling the full utilisation of the clients' loan potential. Read more

Front-end system and improving customer service

Sberbank CZ has decided to improve the quality of their services, particularly by speeding up customer service and automating internal processes, and they also felt the need to increase the cross-selling of their products. Based on a needs analysis, they have decided to implement a new branch front end. Read more

New generation of sales-and-service portal

Poštová banka (Post Bank) has decided to support their client services by implementing a new generation of sales-and-service portal based on state-of-the-art business as well as IT concepts. To this end, at the end of last year, Poštová banka launched a project with the poetic title Benátky (Venice). Read more