Featured projects

Support for automation in debt collection

Tatra banka has decided to automate the process of risk debts monitoring as much as possible. The Collections Software integration project solves the automation of the debt collection process for retail products. The integration of the systems concerned was solved by creating a software Middle Layer. Read more

Business space for loans and an early binding offer

Already at the first branch visit, the client receives a relevant loan offer - this was the main idea of the LoanEE project. Its result was the creation of a sales tool for the branches of Tatra banka enabling the full utilization of the clients' loan potential. Read more

Front-end system and loan approval automation

The Volksbank International Group (now Sberbank) wanted to improve the quality of its services, speed up client handling, automate internal processes and increase cross-selling of products in individual banks of the group. Based on the needs analysis, it decided to implement a new front-end system, dividing its deployment into several steps. Read more

Road network model

Information technology brings new possibilities into all areas of our lives. Of course, this also applies to road transport, since we use the road network on a daily basis, but we do not see that their development and maintenance management is a demanding activity that requires collection of large amounts of data, their processing and rational use to effectively manage all related procedures. Read more

Career-commission system for a network of brokers

The company Aegon in Slovakia has launched a new career-commission system and a portal for the internal brokers network. The application from SOFTEC, thanks to the automation of commission and career processes, brought a significant acceleration of the commission calculation process with the possibility of applying even more complex commission models, all while reducing the number of required employees. Read more

Consulting: Career and commission system

Raiffeisen stavební spořitelna provides its clients with services in the area of savings, housing financing and other financial services. The planned changes in the liberalization of the building savings market, intensifying competition and the expected start of sales of new financial products mean a new challenge for the company in preparing principles that will help it cope with the planned changes and improve the services it provides to its clients. Read more