Automatic processing of writs of execution

Tatra banka has successfully expanded the application for automatic processing of writs of execution to include support for electronic writs. Softec has developed the application for Tatra banka to streamline the processing agenda of writs of execution.

Nowadays, writs of execution are delivered electronically, which has made it possible to progress in automating their processing. The vast majority of writs are processed fully automatically, and some are processed semi-automatically with the processor’s control. The processing of executions begins by receiving the writ of execution from a bailiff, Financial Administration, Ministry of Justice or the Social Insurance Agency. Once the writ is received, it is automatically verified whether the debtors continue to be clients of the bank, and automatically, according to the type of writ, a new execution proceeding is created or an existing execution proceeding is updated. The parameters from the writ are usually applied without any need for manual intervention and the application continues to process the particular proceedings by automatic blocking or changing the blocking of financial means and making payments to the credit of the enforcing institutions until the termination of the execution itself.

The application for automatic processing of executions is a successful example of a process application, which by its very nature works with a complex data structure to track and optimise the execution process. Resulting from automating the formerly manual tasks, such as obtaining the writ, blocking or payment transcription, the application’s assets are accelerated, the processing of writs of execution are streamlined, and human error rates are reduced. When combined with a wide range of notifications, integration with other banking systems, a variety of application features, and taking into account a number of legal requirements, the application appears to be a must for any modern bank that has to deal with the processing of a large number of writs of execution within legal deadlines.

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