Business space for loans and an early binding offer

Already at the first branch visit, the client receives a relevant loan offer - this was the main idea of the LoanEE project. Its result was the creation of a sales tool for the branches of Tatra banka enabling the full utilisation of the clients' loan potential.

LoanEE allows the calculation and use of the client's so-called business space, thus modelling the limits for all types of retail loans for the particular client. It covers non-specific consumer loans, credit cards and housing loans. At a meeting with a client, a bank employee can define a combination of loans that best suits the client's needs.

LoanEE collects all available information about the client, including information from the registries (credit registry, social insurance agency, cadastral registry, etc.) and based on these, can prepare a binding offer at the first meeting with the client.
The consecutive approval process is automated.
LoanEE itself can decide whether or not a client can get a loan.

The calculation of the business space, including the interest rate and the rules for approval, are implemented in the rule system. The bank is fully in charge of setting the rules - product pricing and approval limits are changed by the bank's professional staff at any time without any intervention of the supplier.

The user interface is intuitive and the system is popular among branch office employees.

Thanks to LoanEE, the ratio of loans sold by Tatra banka is gradually shifting from pre-approved loans to tailor-made loans for clients. The link between LoanEE and Tatra banka’s mobile application also contributes to this trend.

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