Deployment of electronic processing of loan applications

The business model of home loan and savings associations is different from the business model of standard banks, and their sales process has its own specifics. The deployment of electronic processing for Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa has been the subject of the DEUS project.

DEUS eliminates the paper forms of loan applications: consumer credit for individuals, housing loans for individuals and consumer credit for household equipment. The applications are submitted electronically and the system monitors their processing. The process also covers the approval and possible communication between the sales representative and the back-office employees about any mistakes in the application. The deployment of electronic processing has made it possible to avoid applications being stuck “in processing”. Each application is immediately assigned to an employee/group to consecutively be dealt with. For each role, processing times are measured and monitored as well as evaluated against set times (SLA). The deployment of electronic processing has greatly accelerated the process, which ideally does not take days, but hours.

Within Pravá stavebná sporiteľňa (PSS), DEUS was the first project realised with agility elements, with the first interactive demo application being presented three weeks after the start of the project.

DEUS has a fully responsive design and an excellent user experience. The PSS sales network consists of over 1,200 sales representatives in 9 regions throughout the Slovak Republic.

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