Front-end system and improving customer service

Sberbank CZ has decided to improve the quality of their services, particularly by speeding up customer service and automating internal processes, and they also felt the need to increase the cross-selling of their products. Based on a needs analysis, they have decided to implement a new branch front end.

The Front End System (FES) is focused on improving customer service and gaining a holistic view of the client and his/her products. As in the past, Sberbank Slovakia and consecutively Sberbank CZ have decided to realise this project in cooperation with Softec, especially due to the company’s experience with the development of similar applications. Softec has participated in defining requirements, carried out a detailed analysis and system specification, and has provided for the design, development, testing and deployment of the solution into production.

FES provides a comprehensive view of the client and his/her banking products, accelerates customer service and increases cross-selling opportunities. It integrates data from the main banking system with data from other systems of the bank and its document management system. FES has also taken over the management of the bank's clients, including registry verification, providing account opening and printing of framework contracts. At the same time, the complicated front end of the main banking system has been replaced, and so the process of training new staff has also been substantially accelerated.

After more than five years of using of this system, Softec proposed its modernisation and, upon agreement with Sberbank CZ, has begun to implement these upgrades. The changes mainly concern the architecture of the system and the front-end part, where, thanks to the use of modern technology, there has been a rapid acceleration of the system and a significant increase in user comfort. In addition, integration with other systems used in the bank has been made possible and simplified. When designing screens, the latest knowledge from the User eXperience area, proven by Softec in the UX Lab, was used.

Nowadays, the next stage of modernisation is under way, in which Softec is implementing the bank's further business, legislative and technical requirements, the space for implementation of which was opened by the implementation of the first stage of modernisation.

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