New generation of sales-and-service portal

Poštová banka (Post Bank) has decided to support their client services by implementing a new generation of sales-and-service portal based on state-of-the-art business as well as IT concepts. To this end, at the end of last year, Poštová banka launched a project with the poetic title Benátky (Venice).

For the project, they needed a strategic partner with experience in developing front-end (FE) applications in client-centric architecture based on “omnichannel” principles and with an emphasis on user experience. In this way, Softec was brought to the table and in the first round proposed an architecture for the whole solution and also intended for further FE applications of Poštová banka. This architecture is easily extendable in the future. The project was carried out by a joint development team composed of Softec and Poštová banka employees and led by an experienced architect from Softec. The solution was successfully deployed into production in August 2015, serving not only users at branch offices and extended acquisition offices of the bank but also at workplaces of a partner organisation.

The sales-and-service portal is built in such a way that the user not only has a detailed view of the client through a so-called client's card – where his/her personal data is located – but also an overview of his/her existing products, current campaigns and offers, contact history and other information that is usually part of a CRM system.

This makes it possible to create a more targeted offer for the client and offer the products according to his/her needs. The application enables sales and servicing for the below products:
• Personal accounts
• Deposit accounts
• Term accounts
• Passbooks
• Consumer credits
• Insurance product “Nezbedník” (Naughty Kid)

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