Support for automatic debt recovery

Tatra banka has decided to automate the process of debt risk monitoring as much as possible. The Collections Software integration project automates the debt recovery process for retail products. The integration of the systems concerned was achieved by creating a software Middle Layer.

The Middle Layer automates the debt recovery process for retail products:

  • mortgage loans
  • non-specific consumer loans
  • credit cards
  • overdrafts on current accounts

The system carries out data collection from the production systems and bank applications as well as conversion of the data into the desired structured format, then sends the pre-processed data to the target system for processing. The data processing results are then distributed to the relevant systems in the bank and the necessary actions are automatically generated to eliminate the emerging risks. This greatly contributes to the early detection and reduction of problematic credit claims and to the adoption of effective measures, which significantly reduces possible bank losses as well as possible lawsuits.