The Banking and financial services segment is in general under intense pressure of changes coming from the FinTech sector and their rapid innovations, from new players entering the market and bringing connections to other segments and from increasing demands of existing clients on the level and quality of provided financial services. And all of this happens while the regulation is being increased. We believe that this is the time to take advantage of the emerging opportunities rather than coping with increasing threats.

Threats and opportunities in banking

Digitization and transition of services to online

Each new generation shifts more and more to the online environment, particularly to mobile devices environment. Their behaviour and expectations change from the point of view of online operations to be performed individually or with only a little help. It is important to have appropriate services in the online environment and effectively use external online tools and partnerships. There is already a need to properly connect the online environment of bank’s distribution channels with the offline tools and operating procedures from branches, POS, call centres, etc. How to correctly set such transformation? How to correctly consolidate the tools in distribution channels?

Relationship with the customer in the environment of formation of the need

The banks are perceived as conservative institutions providing primary transaction services in their own area for servicing the customer. Customer’s attention however shifts towards the institutions understanding his/her needs and providing value-added services. How to understand information about the customer better? How to appropriately enrich these from external sources and monetise these? How to use the knowledge of the needs and formation of them to improve the relationship with the customer?

FinTech companies and PSD2 regulation

The increasing popularity of FinTech companies among customers and the speed of their innovations is undermining their established business models and distorts the relationship between the bank and the customer. On the other hand, there is strong regulation pressure and the PSD2 introduction requiring the bank and the services to open up through API towards third parties. Is this an opportunity or a threat? How to set up the cooperation with the FinTech world and to gain from the cooperation?

P2P payment systems and use of Blockchain

In the field of payment systems, the competition is still growing and the forms of processing are being improved; particularly the start of various players among them FinTech companies (PayPal), technology players (Apple, Google) as well as other segments (Orange). Besides these threats also others have appeared using new ways like P2P or technologies using blockchain. How to respond to such threats? How to use the incoming technologies including blockchain?

Fields of activity

Distribution channels in sales support and customer service

In various segments, we have long-standing experience and are the leader in the field of creation and implementation of solutions for sales support and customer care in the distribution channels. For an extended period of time we have been creating a unique Omnichannel solution bringing forth a considerable competition advantage for our customer. We substantially invest into innovations for our customers in this field such as effective integration of internal applications and customer’s data with external online tools. We are a strong and relevant partner for creation, setting and implementing innovative solutions in distribution channels.

Preparation and approval of credit products

We have successfully implemented several systems for support of credit products preparation and sales. We dispose of deep knowledge of credit issues. Our partners always value us when we create these solutions for our customers since we are able to use our knowledge in order to create information systems of high value for our customers and we also dispose of the ability to meet their business objectives on the market.

Automation of enforcement and hereditary proceedings

For an extended period of time we have been engaged in significant costs savings when dealing with requirements and the process concerning the execution and hereditary proceedings in support for our clients. We know how to successfully integrate these processes into our client’s systems and with the systems of third parties as well.

Client risk management and recovery of debts

We have implemented and successfully been running several systems for client risk management and evaluation when selling products and services. We are experts in the field of recovering the debts in all its aspects. We dispose of complex solutions from the particular fields which can as modules be combined for the particular deployment needs. These solutions were implemented across various segments.

Our solutions and services

NEMESIS - Effective receivables recovery

The indebtedness of households in Slovakia is growing disproportionately. Increased credit load brings the risk of default in payment. In general, late recovery is more expensive and, in particular, there is a danger of non-payment on loans. These risks can be mitigated by an effective recovery tool.

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IBIS - Intelligent Business Information System

The primary mission of the product is to help banks better support the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises. Company owners will get a better insight into the status and trends of their finances and their paid and unpaid invoices. By using external registries, entrepreneurs are made up to date with information about their business partners.

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SEDi - Softec Electronic Distraints

The product provides banks with a comprehensive solution for the life cycle of execution proceedings (request for co-operation, writs of execution, course of execution) and supports automated processing as well as electronic communication.

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STRADA allows the legal representatives to delegate communication via electronic mailbox to appointed employees of the organisation. It thus allows companies to automate communication with public authorities, for example, to automatically download, check and save received messages, and distribute them to particular departments.

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nFinity - Branchless Bank

Traditional banks in Slovakia are at risk of losing their clients. Digital (smart) banks, which do not know frontiers, do not need branches and are always open, are coming to the Europe-wide market. Opening an account or taking out a loan with them is a matter of a few minutes on a mobile device. Banks will have to fight to retain their clients by means of new technologies. nFinity offers digital onboarding, communication via chatbot and other innovative technologies that can help banks hold on to clients or gain new ones in Slovakia as well as abroad.

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Selected projects

Support for automatic debt recovery

Tatra banka has decided to automate the process of debt risk monitoring as much as possible. The Collections Software integration project automates the debt recovery process for retail products. The integration of the systems concerned was achieved by creating a software Middle Layer. Read more

Automatic processing of writs of execution

Tatra banka has successfully expanded the application for automatic processing of writs of execution to include support for electronic writs. Softec has developed the application for Tatra banka to streamline the processing agenda of writs of execution. Read more

Deployment of electronic processing of loan applications

The business model of home loan and savings associations is different from the business model of standard banks, and their sales process has its own specifics. The deployment of electronic processing for Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa has been the subject of the DEUS project. Read more

New generation of sales-and-service portal

Poštová banka (Post Bank) has decided to support their client services by implementing a new generation of sales-and-service portal based on state-of-the-art business as well as IT concepts. To this end, at the end of last year, Poštová banka launched a project with the poetic title Benátky (Venice). Read more

Business space for loans and an early binding offer

Already at the first branch visit, the client receives a relevant loan offer - this was the main idea of the LoanEE project. Its result was the creation of a sales tool for the branches of Tatra banka enabling the full utilisation of the clients' loan potential. Read more

Front-end system and improving customer service

Sberbank CZ has decided to improve the quality of their services, particularly by speeding up customer service and automating internal processes, and they also felt the need to increase the cross-selling of their products. Based on a needs analysis, they have decided to implement a new branch front end. Read more

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