Threats and opportunities in brokerage

Successful adaptation of newcomers in the sales network

Successful recruitment and mainly adaptation process of newcomers are key aspects to long-term functioning of an agent sales network. Particularly the quick depletion of initial enthusiasm and potential of newcomers are the key factors putting even the best recruitment into a difficult situation again and again. How to help the newcomers with a successful adaptation? How to cope with the pre-sales and sales processes in a professional style? How to catch client’s interest?

Complex client service – establishment of client loyalty

We no longer live in the period of selling the insurance, bank or investments products with single effect quickly. New clients are not easy to find and the loyalty of existing clients is to be fought for not only by routine care but also by complex orientation to client’s goals and needs. How to serve not only client’s needs but goals as well? How to obtain client’s trust? How to learn more about the client?

Integrated sales process

The sale by filling in a paper proposal is a thing of the past now. Introduction of electronic devices in form of electronic product calculators and contract generators has entered the sales process. The sale and customer care are step by step being integrated into a unified access point. How to get rid of paper? How to obtain the filled in documents with just “one click”? How not to keep rewriting the same information about the client? How to receive the well-deserved reward quicker?

Flexible commission calculation and distribution system

The static systems with long-lasting updates and innovation processes of product portfolio and commission parameters do not catch up with sales requirements. The increasing competition and sales structures pressure make the classical “core” systems face unsolvable requirements. How to make the commission system “catch up with” sales requirements? How to change system parameters without any programming?

Fields of activity

Management of agent sales network opportunities (preparation, realization, evaluation)

We are familiar with the processes of preparation, realization and evaluation of sales opportunities within the financial products sale by a sales agent network. We take in the management of opportunities from the initial selection of the target group, through addressing, recording the reaction, up to statistical evaluation of the success rate.

Full application support for the intermediation process of financial service/product (completely paperless)

We understand the issues, pre-sale, sale and recruitment processes of intermediate product sale (sales planning, opportunities identification, targets and client’s needs analysis, offer preparation for the client, own handwritten digital signature of contract, collection of recommendations, new staff recruitment and the like). Our customers value us as a partner in this field and we dispose of unique know-how as well as products. We know how to link agent portals with cooperating financial institutions (insurance companies, investment companies, banks, …) using high security standards.

Creation and deployment of client zone

We have long-term experience with the implementation and deployment of client zones. We have successfully created client zones for various customers and have implemented numerous projects integrating the customer and internal systems. We understand the importance of client zone as a communication tool with the client, but first of all in the financial intermediation sector as a tool to enhance the customer confidence.

Consultation and application support of career and commissions processes of agent sales network

On a long-term basis we act in the field of commission calculation and distribution in agent multi-level sale. We understand the regular key commission calculation processes using the percentage and points systems, regular career position evaluation process, retention of cancellation fund, allocation of various commission types and keeping records of possible debts of agents. We have been a partner for optimization and automation of these processes in distribution channels.

Our solutions and services

Commission-career system

Flawlessly calculated commissions are the base for a correctly functioning sales network. The correct commission calculation in multi-level agent sales network while the sales and commissions conditions are changing all the time is a challenge for each system. The calculation of change proposals within career positions based on achieved business results is its essential part. This requires a supportive reporting for network as well as for management.


Unified access to business information

The online access to information is essential for correct sales network functioning. The essential agent network support is a unified system through which the staff access all the information and functions needed for their work. The standard is an online system fully accessible for the staff members through a web browser usually on all available platforms.

Management of the entire lifecycle of relationship with the client and campaign management

Knowledge of the client and target work with him/her is a base for long-term loyalty. Maintaining client loyalty, regular provision of services and targeted addressing of clients are challenges for any company. The work with parameters of servicing the client and the option to make one’s own micro campaigns is driving the trade.

Analysis of client’s targets and needs

Knowing client’s wishes and needs is the key to the success. An effective and interactive pre-sale tool for data collection and communication with the client. The first-rate service is a personal meeting between the sales agent and the client. The agent then proceeds in proposing a financial plan which is based on an exact and responsibly elaborated analysis of client’s needs. It is the quality of performing and processing the financial analysis and plan as well as their output presentation that distinguishes the best ones.

Activity management

The first step to the success is setting the goals, the second one is their fulfilment. Week performance and effectiveness of sales staff. The managers often have to face these problems to keep track of productivity, efficiency and activity of their staff. How can they then deal with supporting, motivating them or their performance? If the way in which the activities are being performed is not known, they can be neither measured nor improved or rewarded.

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