Telecommunications services segment is going through turbulent times characterized by continuous decline in revenues from traditional communication services, searching for new types of services, increase in investment demands on new technologies and new players entering the segment. The good thing about the current situation is a lot of new opportunities (internet issues, mobile payments) as well as breakthrough challenges (transition into online environment, …) are approaching.

Threats and opportunities in telecommunications

Revenues decline from communications services

The revenues from standard products and services of telecommunication operators have dramatically and over a long period been decreasing. The situation is worsened by new players on the market using the increased availability of mobile data services. How to grasp the particular topic? How to use the potential of existing customers portfolio, how to create new products and services, how to place them on market quicker?

Coping with the transition into online environment

The time of online services has come, everything is on the web. A well-chosen transition strategy into online environment and its correct implementation can lower the operating costs, enhance customer’s loyalty as well as sales conversion in distribution channels as a whole. How to correctly monitor the performance of online and assisted distribution channels? Which operations belong to online environment? Where can costs be saved by automation?

Customer data monetization

In data on customers as well as on their behaviour there is a great value. These can be used not only for a more targeted work with customers at the right time, but also for designing new products and services. The BigData technologies help to cope with this challenge. How to use these correctly and what can they bring us?

Entering new fields of activity

Aiming at keeping the position on the telecommunications market, it is essential to look for new fields of activity and create new products with a special added value that differentiate us from the competition. We are keen on such new areas like internet issues and LPWAN networks, Cloud computing and data centres, mobile payments or micropayments. How can we be helpful for you concerning these particular topics?x

Fields of our activity

Distribution channels for sales support to residential customers

For an extended period of time we have been active in sales support and residential customer care support. We understand the key processes of offer preparation, order negotiation and contract conclusion with the customer, as well as integration processes to back office such as stores, logistics, payment schedules, or couriers. We have been a partner in optimization and automation of these processes in distribution channels.

Management of sale, activation and deployment of B2B solutions

We understand the issues concerning B2B products management and support (sales planning, solution and price modelling, sales cases approval and monitoring, services and products activation, etc.). Our customers value us as a partner in this area and we dispose of unique know-how and products. We know how to link these systems with the offer for the residential segment.

Automatic products/services activation and self-service zones

We have long-term experience with automation of products and services activation and changes for leading telecommunications companies. We have succeeded in creating self-service zones for various customers and implemented numerous integration projects for customers and internal systems with the Operations support systems.

Client risk administration for sale and recovery of debts

We have created and successfully been operating several client risk administration and evaluation systems for sale of products and services and also consecutive recovery of debts. We have been dealing with the issue across various segments.

Our solutions and services

Omnichannel solution for sales and customer care support

Our complex UX platform solution aims at complete sales and customer care support processes in all distribution channels and for various devices with simple integration into the existing IT systems of the seller. The contribution of the solution is a complex sales and customer care support in online as well as assisted environments.

Complex solution for client risk assessment and recovery of debts

Our Risk Manager solution aims at client risk management. It particularly deals with targeted lowering company’s loss caused by involuntary leave of clients, lowering the extent of refusal/non-acceptance rate of a client, monitoring clients’ risk factors and actively influencing these in sales and customer care processes. Adoption of appropriate measures to eliminate risks is enabled by flexible and active risk manipulation using the configuration of the application.

Solution for offer in administration and display in various distribution channels

Our unique solution Offer Manager aims at simplification of the product portfolio and offers resulting from this, as well as consistent offering of product and services for the particular customer across all distribution channels. The contribution of the solution lies in offered administration simplification and their quicker propagation on the market.

Values we stand up for

Long-term and fair activity in the segment

We are familiar with internal and external environments of telecommunications operators and their operation. We have extensive knowledge of implementation of various Business support systems and their integration into a client’s environment. We keep educating and upgrading our knowledge. We play fair and take our commitments seriously.

Being the customer’s partner in his challenges

Our customers accept us as partners and advisors when consulting important topics. We help them with market threats and opportunities by constant innovation of our products and solutions. We do not only supply IT solutions, but we constantly look for benefits for the clients.

Complex value-added delivery

We have more experience from complex and key deliveries of projects to our customers. Throughout the whole delivery we consider the value for the customer and his/her long-term satisfaction with our delivery carries the key meaning for us. For a period of time we have been investing in our employees in order for them to be able to deliver the best possible quality and our customers to be satisfied.

Taking advantage of know-how across segments

We have been active in various segments for a long time, we make an effort to transfer the obtained know how among the segments to our customers’ benefit. We search for win-win cooperation among our customers, our company and partners when preparing and executing new projects.

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