Transport as a modern and dynamic segment is constantly undergoing rapid development. Hereby it reflects requirements on a quicker, more effective and safer transport, on the other hand we are building huge transport infrastructure which is to be responsibly cared for. New technological possibilities bring also many challenges that move us ever closer to our objective – effective transport infrastructure enabling rapid and safe transportation of people, goods and information.

Threats and opportunities in transport

Increasing pressure on finances in the management of infrastructure

The transport infrastructure in Slovakia is in fact property worth billions. This property is to be cared for properly, maintained and the necessary reconstructions are to be done. Despite the fact that for the property maintenance requires tens of millions of euros in each year, its technical condition is stagnating. How to distribute the available financial means in the most responsible way? Are we able to plan the maintenance and reconstruction so that each intervention is performed at the most appropriate time and technical conditions of the infrastructure are really improved?

Necessity for decision making based on data

When making decisions on maintenance, repairs and construction of transport infrastructures, subjective factors are still being considered to a great extent. However, decision-making processes based on verifiable data are bringing more competent, more objective and fairer results. How to thus deal with issues of data collection, cleaning, sorting and transformation? Is it in fact possible to process and analyse such huge amounts of data?

Emergence of new technologies

New technologies do not only change our common lives at a rapid rate, but influence also the processes in the development and administration of transport infrastructure to a great extent. From the emergence of mobile technologies, cloud computing, internet issues, progressive road diagnostics methods up to remote monitoring of bridge objects producing real time data. How to keep up with new technologies? How to integrate them into the processes and information system in transport?

Fields of our activity

Effective and proactive administration of transport infrastructure

We have created several systems for effective and proactive management of diverse transport infrastructures. We are familiar with the processes, methods and tools in the bridges and roads infrastructure management. We know that for effective management of transport infrastructure just records are not sufficient, its key parts are expert systems with specific algorithms, for implementation in which we dispose of the know-how build up on a long-term basis.

Data collection in the field

We have more than a decade of experience with information systems for data collection in the field. We have succeeded in creating two generations of systems for collection and processing invariable technical parameters of road communications (pasport) and road diagnostics data processing. We have applied new technologies into the collection processes – designed and implemented tablet applications using precise GPS devices for the inspections of road communications, for detailed inspection of roads as well as bridges.

Analytics and data reporting

Since founding of our company we deal with building complex data warehouses and usage of analytical and reporting tools. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of data warehouses and tools for online analysis so that the user can immerse into the data in detail and extract useful knowledge out of these. In addition to many systems in the financial sector, we have created a central data warehouse and multidimensional data cubes for strategic analysis and reporting on the road network of the Slovak Republic. Today the reports on the road network state from our systems constitutes objective materials necessary for key decision making about the orientation of the road industry.

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