Softecon 2024

For 21 years, the company SOFTEC has been bringing the business and IT community together. We always choose our topics and speakers carefully to bring valuable insights into current trends and share motivating stories from the field. As the theme Transformation: Back to the Future suggests, this year we will delve into stories of digital transformation from a variety of industries with a look into the past, present and future.​


Previous events

Softecon31. May 2023

Softecon 2023

The main theme of this year's edition was Democratization of data and loss of control. Data is a source of information thanks to which business can push its boundaries. Today, it requires a quick and flexible response to changes, and we must also have this ability when working with data. So it seems natural to follow the same path as in the case of IT applications and move data closer to the business and decentralize it. However, this brings us back to the already known questions... Doesn't decentralization mean loss of control?

Softecon26. May 2022

Softecon 2022

The main theme of this year's edition was Digitalization as an automation tool. Many processes around us are now digital, remote operators have experienced massive development, and bank branches are now teeming with modern technologies, tablets and electronic signatures. So why does operation still take a long time and is complicated and expensive? Is there a flaw in the processes or in the technology?

Softecon24. June 2021

Softecon 2021

This year, we focused on two key technology trends – DATA STREAMING and CLOUD – whose adoption enables organizations to achieve the necessary levels of flexibility, agility and efficiency to operate successfully and sustainably in an increasingly digitized competitive environment.

Softecon14. March 2019

Softecon 2019

On 14 March 2019, the 17th annual conference on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE took place in the Aula of The University of Economics in Bratislava. How does it work? Why is it good to be interested in it? #softecon #ai #innovation #softec