Customized IS

What should the new information system actually solve?

A truly functioning and effective information system must solve the real needs of clients. When choosing an information system, the client must therefore precisely prepare an answer to this question.

We will find out what your company needs.

The first prerequisite for creation of an effective information system is a high-quality analysis of client’s processes and needs. A clear and understandable definition of the new IS results from this analysis (e.g. using a process model).
At the first stage of analysis, it is essential to find out what requirements the client already has on the information system. We realize this process using

  • CASE tool
  • Object – oriented method OMT
  • Adjusted method Unified process

We use these methods when realizing our proposed projects, however they are universal. We can adjust them to our clients needs also in other than IT fields. If interested, we organize trainings on how to use these as well as how to adopt them into practice.

We will create a tailor-made solution.

Process analysis is the basic prerequisite for creation of tailor-made information systems, at the same time it is an independently usable service for client’s needs in other business areas.
If you are interested in the creation of a new information system, these are the following steps after the analysis of processes:

  • definition of client’s system functionality and architecture
  • managing the complex methodology of development of systems for the individual environment
  • detailed knowledge and effective utilization of high-quality software tools
  • ability to build technological extensions if required by the specifics of a particular solution
  • concentration of top developers
  • management based on an appropriate project management methodology
  • setting a platform for close communication with customer