Changing market conditions and the need for business entities to react quickly to these changes require flexible IT solutions, the adjustment of which cannot be a matter of weeks and months, but must be implemented within hours or days. For the area of print output generation, such a solution is the Dokumentor product, which enables business users to efficiently and quickly edit print templates without the need for IT intervention.

Main benefits of Dokumentor

Simple template creation and management by business users

Cost-effective template creation and management

New or modified templates are available on time and in line with business needs

Simple use of a template valid for a specified date

Generation of a large number of documents with low HW requirements

Who is the product intended for?

• Banks
• Telecommunications operators
• Financial service providers
• Insurance companies
• Energy suppliers
• State administration bodies

Issue: Changing or creating a new template for automatic document generation (e.g., for contracts) is inflexible, costly and time consuming.

Business processes require frequent changes in both individually and collectively generated documents, resulting, for example, from changes in products, processes, legislation, etc. In order to make a change to an existing template or create a new one, multiple roles must be involved (business owner, IT, external contractor …), and standardised change processes applied to ensure the consistency and quality of outputs and to allow capacity planning for the roles involved. Low flexibility of solutions and the process prolongs the time needed to meet business needs and increases the cost of change.
The existing solution does not adequately support specific business requirements (e.g., printing historical versions of documents, generating a large number of templates in a short time, etc.), the meeting of which demands specific semi-manual and non-standard steps to be performed, further increasing the total cost of document generation.

Solution: New templates and their changes are made by the business

With its flexibility and simplicity, the Dokumentor product allows business owners to make changes to templates or create new ones without the need to involve internal or external IT specialists. Dokumentor covers a wide range of business requirements for template management and document generation – reusing of elements between different templates, template joining, automated generation of historical documents, output encryption, print and printer management, and others.

Product description

Dokumentor offers:
Simple and flexible creation of templates and documents by the business user
WYSIWYG principle (“What you see is what you get”) – the generated document exactly matches the template the user views when creating it
Assembling templates out of several elements and reusing of one element in multiple templates. A change to the element automatically applies to all templates used by the element
Support for various formats (DOCX, XSLT, PDF, graphic images)
Excellent history of templates and their elements for the accurate creation of a document assembled from the elements/templates valid for a specified date
Individual and collective document generation by linking business data with a defined template
Merging of several documents into one and transforming them into various formats (e.g., PDF, PS)
Archive encryption for mail distribution, document preparation for collective printing (thanks to PS format support) as well as distribution directly to printers
Printing and printer management functionality (e.g., choosing the type of paper to be used to print the generated documents)
Dokumentor provides functionality for easy document creation and document template management, and for individual and collective document generation, distribution or printing
Dokumentor allows processing of a large number of documents in a short time with minimal HW requirements


• Prominent telecommunication operator in the Slovak Republic – printing of customer contracts
• Leading bank in the Slovak Republic – printing of customer contracts
• Insurance company among the top 3 in the Slovak Republic – printing of promo coupons
• Financial advisory company among the top 3 in the Slovak Republic – printing of customer contracts and their electronic signing
• Prominent insurance group – printing of insurance policies and other documents for several insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe

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