IT advisory

We will analyse your needs, define the goals, design the plan and implement it.

Our consultants dispose of deep knowledge in diverse areas. We are not just the “IT crowd”. We are also experts in banking, telecommunications, insurance industry or public sector (telecom 2x). We know the relationships and processes in companies and through many years of experience we have refined our analytical skills and sense of efficiency.

We provide consulting in the following five basic areas:

  • Strategy of informatization
  • Feasibility study
  • Process modelling
  • Project management
  • System integration

Strategy of informatization

We can bring more applications into compliance, cover all processes even in large companies. We analyse company’s needs, elaborate strategy and put it into practice. A time plan is of course included that considers the standard operation of the company. We design a process model of the present and desired state for the client, map the information system coverage by additional software.

Feasibility study

We evaluate feasibility of the projects, its time frame and profitability. We help with risk assessment and evaluation of the portion of contribution to initial investment. We evaluate the goals and expectations in proportion to resources and implementation conditions.

Process modelling

We work out the analysis, design a model and re-engineer processes. The first step is process analysis, identification of those needing support of a new information system as well as activities linked to these. Our in-depth analysis often results in the conclusion that a change of existing processes is needed. By means of outputs from process modeling we present materials for proposal of new information systems.

Project management

We apply the well-known and worldwide recognised PRINCE 2 methodology adapted to client’s individual needs. It is also supported by our company processes of the Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001 standard.

System integration

After a thorough analysis and planning, the phase of putting into practice follows. We smoothly coordinate the suppliers and test single applications as well as the information system as a whole. Owing to our long-term experience and knowledge of the issue we manage the deployment of new information systems independently and smoothly.