Leasing of IT professionals

Highly-skilled professionals and high-quality teams.

We have at our disposal highly-skilled professionals and teams who are able to provide our clients with a variety of services of individual scope. Leasing of our professionals brings advantage for companies that cannot or do not want to employ specialized staff. Leasing of IT professionals is a way in which to gain the necessary number of high-quality staff for our own projects for a certain period of time and without any risk.

Our offer of IT professionals:

  • project managers
  • consultants and analysts
  • architects and designers
  • developers
  • technology specialists
  • application frameworks
  • integration platforms
  • portals
  • database specialists
  • analysts, testers

Leasing a whole team can also be an interesting option for the client. This form of leasing means easier management for the customer, as the team is led by an experienced contractor’s employee, who knows the individuals in the team and is therefore able to ensure high performance and efficiency.