Long-term maintenance

We guarantee pre-agreed reaction times and measurable parameters of provided services in accordance with the defined SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Information systems have their warranty period during which we are at the client’s disposal in finding a solution for any eventualities connected with information system functioning. Our cooperation usually continues also after the warranty period.

There are several reasons; first of them being the fact that most of the information systems need regular maintenance. As clients’ needs naturally change over time, the systems need to be adapted to these changes. Another reason for long-term cooperation is systematic work on improving other processes, developing of a new information strategy, or simply service for current needs of the company and its employees.

Among long-term services are:

  • consultation and technical support
  • hot-line
  • system adjustment in accordance with legislative changes
  • collection, evaluation and implementation of suggestions and change proposals
  • maintenance of large information systems for our international clients