Outsourcing of IT services

We will solve everything you don’t have time for.

Outsourcing of IT services is a great option on how to delegate too burdensome competence and responsibility into the hands of external suppliers.

We will solve everything you don’t have time for

Often a company lacks the needed professional, material or time capacity to deal with a particular problem or need and in order to achieve a certain quality level it is a better solution for the company to use an external company’s services.

Outsourcing of IT services gives the companies the possibility to concentrate on the essential issue – on their own business. At the same time they have a team of highly qualified professionals available who take over the responsibility for the operation of their information systems.

Selected activities

  • outsourcing of a project team (the client himself manages the project; the provider makes an experienced and well-coordinated implementation team available)
  • outsourcing of application development and operation (applications can be operated either in the client’s environment with the provider taking care of their administration, maintenance and support or they can be operated and maintained directly from provider’s premises)
  • outsourcing of IT systems development (the provider becomes client’s strategic partner, selecting the best solution together with the client, managing implementation and consecutively providing support to system operation. At this stage, the outsourcing provider is also responsible for the management of subcontractors of particular systems)