Softec BioSign

Paperless handwritten digital signature for documents

Issue: Need to digitally sign the documents by hand

The digital handwritten signature saves paper costs, document printouts, their distribution and storage. BioSign is a solution that speeds up the documents cycle and is environment friendly since for a document e.g. an insurance policy to be signed there is no need to print it on paper.

Solution: Integrated software for handwritten digital signature

The product SOFTEC BioSign is intended for handwritten digital signature for documents. It is implemented using a tablet device and a special pen (stylus) with which the persons sign the document directly on tablet. In addition to a visual signature, also behavioural characteristics of the signature are stored such as speed, acceleration, downforce, etc.

Who is the product for?

For all companies working with contracts, certifications, documents, consents etc.

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Broker companies

How does it work?

The solution is based on a licensed product of a multinational company KOFAX. The signature process is easily integrated into a CRM using extensions by hardware and software components by means of which the signature itself is realized.

  1. The system then will generate a contract in PDF format.
  2. Upon having read and approved the document, the client signs it in the signature field using a tablet or tablet device.
  3. The signed document is then automatically stored in the system.

The Softec BioSign product includes the delivery of technology as well as services related to putting it into operation.

Our clients:

  • UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s.