Softec Makler

Flawlessly calculated commissions are the base for a correctly functioning sales network.

Issue: Commission calculation in multi-level agent sales network

The correct commission calculation in multi-level agent sales networks, while the sales and commissions conditions are changing all the time. The calculation of change proposals within career positions based on achieved business results. Supportive reports for network and management as well.

Solution: Flexible commission-career system

The task of the commission-career system is a complex support and automation of monthly commission and career processes and procedures within the company. Commission calculation and administration, product and agent management, client and contract administration and the like fall into this category. Makler is a flexible, multilingual and praxis-proven system. The system is controlled by metadata (parametrically) giving it a high level of flexibility and thus freeing the customer from dependence on the supplier. Many adjustments and settings can be done on their own account by system parameterization.

Who is the product for?

The product MAKLER will be appreciated by companies selling their or third party products using an agent sales network such as insurance and broker companies. In addition to sales promotion they also have to guarantee a flawless commission calculation for the particular agents based on their performance and current position.

How does it work?

The commission calculation is given by the contract parameters and the calculations for each of the agents are set up on so called own commission, i.e. commissions for the agent who concluded the particular commission, and so called team (shared) commission for superiors. The commission calculation itself is always performed based on the commission scheme of the particular product and commission level of the agent’s current position. The commission is either recalculated to points and their price level or more directly as a contract value percentage e.g. based on annual premium.

The big advantage is the option for the user to create his/her own reports, particularly in combination with export to Excel, giving wide range of possibilities to create materials for various statistics. Thanks to this function it is possible to create materials for various statistics, such as competitions.

The assessment of the career advancement level is based on quantitative as well as qualitative indicators.

Our clients:

  • AEGON partner, s.r.o. (SK)
  • AQUEL CREDIT, s.r.o. (CZ)
  • Brokeria, a.s. (SK)
  • CAPITOL, a.s. (SK)
  • ERGO Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft (SK)
  • Efcon, s.r.o. (SK, CZ, AT)
  • FINHUAS – Generali Distribuce, a.s. (CZ)
  • Kapitol pojišťovací a finanční poradenství, a.s. (CZ)
  • PARTNERS GROUP SK, s.r.o. (BG)
  • PERNAMENTA, a.s. (CZ)
  • PROSIGHT Slovensko, a.s. (SK)