Cooperation with universities

Our cooperation with universities takes several forms including, most importantly, our specialists’ lecturing and tutoring for talented students writing their master’s theses at Slovak universities. Our ambition is to support Slovak higher education institutions by bringing in new theoretical as well as practical knowledge, especially in the following areas: architecture of software systems and modern tools for software systems development. At the same time, we support talented students who, through participation in our projects, have an opportunity to practice and improve their gained knowledge. Moreover, by giving students the opportunity to cooperate in our projects we are also giving them an opportunity to find the professional orientation best fitted for them.

The fact that our master thesis tutoring is worthy of recognition is proven by the following press release: “The Tatrabanka award goes to two Softec employees”.

SOFTEC professionals are experts for Application architecture for software systems at the Faculty of informatics and information technologies at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (FIIT STU). They also recently led Implementation of database applications over several years at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at Comenius University (FMFI UK). Besides that, SOFTEC professionals are often invited for lecturing on several subjects at FIIT STU and FMFI UK; for example, they have held a number of lectures on Architecture of software systems at FIIT STU.

Softec has recently contributed towards cooperation with universities through two textbooks:

  • Architecture of software systems
  • Application architectures of software systems

The former, written by Ľubor Šešera (Softec), Peter Grec (Softec) and Pavol Návrat (FIIT STU) deals with the architecture of online systems and architecture focused on services (SOA). It focuses on the most crucial architectonic principles applied in practice and gives examples for defined types of software systems: these complement the main standards JEE and SOA, within which the following can be listed: JSP, JSF, EJB, JPA, JMS, WSDLA, WS-* and BPEL. The book includes many illustrative examples. It is also interesting for students thanks to the fact that there is information included from highly recognized foreign publications, brought together into one coherent package. Thanks to this, students do not need to spend an enormous amount of time searching for information in many other sources which are often rather expensive.

The book, “Application architectures of software systems” by Ľubor Šešera focuses on business architectures of typical information systems. It describes these systems’ data architecture for different application areas such as banking, insurance, company economics, production management, technical networks and health care. The book includes a number of practical class diagrams in the UML language for the listed application areas. Thus, students can gain practical knowledge during their studies, which they would not otherwise gain until after a few years working in the field, post-graduation. Moreover, this information is presented in a clear package and from a broader perspective.
Softec has organized several conferences on this topic in cooperation with FMF UK Bratislava.

Selected students and doctoral students of Slovak universities are regularly invited to SOFTECON conferences.

Softec, together with FIIT STU, the informatics department of SAV (Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Bratislava and Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, was assigned to the project NAZAU “Tools for acquisition, organizing and maintaining knowledge in an environment of heterogeneous information resources”. This research is supported by the State programme of research and development “Establishing of Information Society” under the contract No. 1025/04. The main objective of this research and development project is to design and verify by pilot applications new ways of information and knowledge processing in heterogeneous environment, in particular acquisition, representation, organization and maintenance of actual knowledge, and to develop tools for supporting new model of heterogeneous environment. For this project, Softec was awarded the 2009 Slovak Academy of Sciences prize.

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