Working positions for students.

With respect to development and creative nature of most of the SOFTEC projects, participation of university students in projects either by part-time employment contracts or by more extensive forms is provided. SOFTEC has been utilizing this opportunity for a long time. Usually, several students are members of SOFTEC development teams (currently, SOFTEC cooperates with about 20 university students).

Student cooperation with SOFTEC is beneficial for both sides:

  • By solving practical and development tasks students can verify their skills and continue developing them. They often get skills and experience, which could be retrospectively used within their university studies. Economic benefit might be also a motivation.
  • For SOFTEC, cooperation with students represents flexible extra capacity, which can help either in customer-oriented projects as well as in internal development projects oriented on the verification and development of new technologies and procedures.
  • Both for students and SOFTEC, such cooperation represents convenient opportunity to check the basis of potential cooperation in the future after university students graduate.

SOFTEC cooperates with university students in various fields, because skills from subject fields or project management are often required within projects along with software, engineering and analytical skills. However, most project participants come from faculties of informatics of Slovak technological universities and from faculties of natural science. For purposes of cooperation with students, SOFTEC can also benefit from its branch offices located in Prievidza and Prague along with headquarters in Bratislava.

Other Softec presentations and its working positions

To present our company and its working positions to university students and fresh graduates we regularly participate in all relevant events, especially in work fairs provided by student organisations AISEC and IAESTE in Slovakia. Usually, we participate at Career Days at the University of Economics in Bratislava and Job opening days at the STU in Bratislava. Moreover, we occasionally provide lectures and presentations at universities at our own cost.

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