Why Softec

We enjoy looking for solutions

Our mission is to make life easier for our clients and to find solutions in challenging IT environment. We are the discoverers. We develop new and original products that deliver tangible results. We keep resolving different situations and overcome new challenges. We are proud of our experts. Thanks to them and years of experience, our company perfectly understands all the key segments in which we operate. We are human. We often build close relationships with our clients to help us co-operate. We are successful in it – we have been cooperating with some of them for more than a quarter of century.

6 reasons, why SOFTEC


We have been working in IT since 1990, so practically "from the very beginning". Our work teams combine the experience of skilled IT professionals with the inventiveness of fresh young brains. Thanks to this, we are always updated and deeply immersed in the issue.


All our solutions are tested and this verifies their functionality and quality. As we take lesson learned from the others and not us, our clients are always brought the highest quality products and services.


Our employees have high-level professional education that is complemented by experience and expertise. We make sure that our teams are composed of experts in IT, as well as in the area of a client's business.

We are human

We are not just IT addicted. We are experts, but we talk "human speech" so that everyone understands us. We care about the good working atmosphere in the company, which, of course, blends into relationships with our clients.


Dozens of banks, insurance companies and state institutions rely on our solutions. They know that they can rely on us not only for solution invention but also for long-term maintenance. We solve problems quickly and efficiently.


Even clients in the same area have individual needs. That's why we always offer customized solutions that combine the state-of-art IT trends with their requirements. We always try to look into the future and foresee.